Sustainable Materials Inspired by the Living world for Energy (SMILE 2016)

IFPEN/RUEIL - 6-8 April 2016

Wednesday 6 April 

Opening of the conference
D. Uzio, G. Mabilon, Scientific Correspondents of SMILE 2016 (IFPEN, France)

Welcome Address
X. Longaygue, Scientific Division (IFPEN, France)

Plenary Lecture by J. Livage (Collège de France, UPMC, France)
Bio-inspired living materials


Self-healing thin glass coatings for high temperature applications
F. O. Méar1, T. Carlier1, L. Montagne1, R. Podor2, S. Saitzek1, J-F. Blach1, R. Desfeux1 (1 Univ. Lille Nord de France-UCCS-CNRS, 2 Institut de Chimie Séparative de Marcoule-CEA-CNRS-UM2-ENSCM, France)

Bio-inspired gradient surfaces with controlling of wettability
Y. Zheng (Beihang Univ., China)

Keynote address by B. Bhushan (The Ohio State Univ., USA)
Biomimetics: bio-inspired, mechanically durable, nanostructured surfaces for low drag and super-philicity/phobicity

Keynote address by R. Backov (CRPP - CNRS - Univ. Bordeaux, France)
Integrative chemistry: from bio-inspired strategies toward advanced functional materials

Bionanocomposites on the basis of polysaccharides
Y. Shchipunov (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)

A bio-sourced green hydrophilic MOF for heat reallocation
A. Permyakova1,2, E. Courbon2, O. Skrylnyk2, M. Affram1, G. Mouchaham1, F. Nouar1, G. De Weireld2, T. Devic1, J.S. Lee3, C-H. Jun3, Y.K. Hwang3,  J-S. Chang3, N. Steunou1, M. Frere2, C. Serre1 (1 UVSQ, France ; 2  UMONS, Belgium ; 3 KRICT, Korea)

Photosynthetic glass: as a responsive exothermic system
M. Alston (Univ. of Salford, UK)

Formation of hybrid materials based on calcium phosphate deposit on carbon fiber scaffold
Q. Picard1, L. Guichaoua1, S. Delpeux1, N. Rochet2, J. Chancolon1, F. Fayon3, F. Warmont1,
S. Bonnamy1 (1 Univ.of Orléans, 2 iBV-INSERM/BIPOA, CEMHTI-CNRS, France)

How simple macromolecular chemistry and bottom-up processes can lead to functional bio-inspired materials?
L. Billon (UPPA, France)

Cellular solids in sea urchin spines: numerical analysis and possible use cases
I. Schäfer (IMWF, Germany)

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