Sustainable Materials Inspired by the Living world for Energy (SMILE 2016)

IFPEN/RUEIL - 6-8 April 2016

Friday 8 April 


Keynote address by M-O. Coppens (NICE Research, Univ. College London, UK)
Nature inspired chemical engineering - pathways to innovation and sustainability

Cobalt containing polysiloxanes as potential catalysts
G. A. Queiroz, M. Wilhelm, K. Rezwan (Univ. of Bremen, Germany)

Bio-inspired synthesis of transition metal sulfides catalysts for hydrotreating reactions
R. Munirathinam, D. Uzio, G. Pirngruber, D. Laurenti (IFPEN, France)

Hybrid catalysis, a new process for crossing bio- and chemical catalysis. application to the synthesis of 5-HMF from glucose
A. Gimbernat1, J-S. Girardon2, P. Dhulster1, R. Froidevaux1 (1 Univ. Lille - Charles Viollette Institute, 2 Univ. Lille - CNRS - UCCS, France)

Closing address

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